Term & Conditions

    Same day delivery: for other product orders except fruit, vegetables, and seafood, we will send it on the same day with the terms of the order before 3 pm, if the order arrives after 3 pm, the delivery will be processed tomorrow.


    Next day delivery: Especially for ordering fruit, vegetables, and seafood ordered today, we will send it tomorrow with a delivery schedule starting at 13.00 - 17.00 and limit orders up to 5 pm (Monday-Saturday delivery)


    If you order groceries and other products along with vegetables, fruit and seafood, we will process the delivery tomorrow with the order note before 5pm.


    We are sorry we do not accept product refunds that have been sent because we make sure the product ordered is a quality product and according to the description, unless the product stock is out of stock and you don't want an alternative to a product replacement, so we can do the refund process.


    The delivery process has 2 options: pick up to the shop or choose an available courier service, please confirm the order and attach proof of payment.


    At this time we only accept payments via bank transfer


     We accept orders for all regions in Indonesia and the world, please do not hesitate to contact us via email to get detailed information and shipping costs.

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